About Puppies

This is Scout.​ He was posed on the piano keys by his family, the Turners.  In proper Cardi fashion, he asked "Is this good?" 

We have a two-page questionnaire/application, and a contract in which pets go on a limited registration only and must be neutered.
Please email (corner-stone@juno.com) or call us (256-660-1331) for our inquiry package to be mailed. Please provide your mailing address and telephone number. I will need to speak with you by phone as well and look forward to getting to know you. We breed top quality/champion dogs with hips checked , eyes Ophthalmologist checked and then submitted to CERF, and PRA (eyes) cleared, as well as DM marker testing to ensure no DM is produced. I dedicate many research hours and activities to lovingly and carefully choosing mates and raising any babies to the best of my ability. Cornerstone dogs are known for their outstanding temperaments and beauty and have excelled in many venues.
Are micro-chipped
Have dew claws removed
Are vaccinated (age appropriate)
Are bred from health screened parents
Are de-wormed numerous times (age appropriate)
Are on NuVet immune system building supplement
Are breed by a breeder with Vet Tech schooling and experience
Have been stimulated from birth for optimal neurological development
Are guaranteed to be free from developing DM by genetic marker testing.

One of our pups finding a cute spot to take a nap. 

The cost for a companion is $1800, and is subject to change.  Show puppies are by special arrangement only.  I no longer ship puppies, but they may ride in the cabin with you.  I will always be available to help you with any needs for the life of your Cornerstone Cardigan. I can and will take ownership of your dog if anything should happen to you. My contract states that I MUST be given first right of refusal in the event the buyer is no longer willing or able to keep their dog.  

We currently produce Tri and Blue Merle colors, but can have other colors occasionally. We evaluate the intended families and temperament-test the puppies so that we can make the best match possible. Choosing a lifetime home for our Cardigans is a very important process. I do my best to select the best puppy for you based upon your lifestyle and request. No puppy, by virtue of it's color, is any more valuable than any other. They EACH require the same amount of care and sacrifice to raise. For this reason the color of a puppy has no bearing on the price. We welcome visiting by appointment (this is our home). Actually, we prefer families to visit as much as possible before puppies go home. We'd love to hear a bit about you, your family, your lifestyle, and why you want a Cardigan when you write or call. There are many more questions on the questionnaire.  

Since my Cardigans are a 'dear to my heart' avocation, and each one is very special and each family chosen to adopt one becomes extended family, I expect to be able to keep in touch through the years. Note : Show prospects (for the conformation show ring and possible future breeding) are reserved for screened show homes only. Neutered Pets are eligible for all other AKC activities: agility, herding, tracking and obedience. We do have Champion titled dogs who are advance titled in herding, agility and obedience too! None in tracking......yet!  

These are puppies from a past litter and indicative of the type of quality we tend to have. 

Important Note About "Breeders" and AKC

Just as I had predicted many years ago, our 'best kept secret" in the canine world is growing in popularity. Unfortunately there are now high-volume commercial kennels breeding Cardigans. They furnish a "cash crop" for national pet store chains and other animal brokers, particularly in the Midwest. Also, what we call "backyard breeders" sell Cardigans strictly for money. They generally have no knowledge of health screening or care to understand structure and proper temperament and socializing puppies. In most cases, these "breeders" have very little practical experience with the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, know next to nothing about the breed's origins or temperament, do not test their breeding stock for health clearances, and haven't a clue about the origins or health of the parents.
All potential puppy buyers are strongly urged to locate responsible, reputable"show breeders," also called "hobby breeders,"with many years of Cardigan experience, and to talk with them about the acquisition of a puppy. In most cases, the purchase price asked by show breeders may besignificantly less than amounts asked by commercial kennels and pet stores.
Reputable hobby/show breeders proudly register their puppies with AKC. As an AKC "Breeder Of Merit" I have committed to health screening my dogs, registering my pups with AKC, participate in AKC events with my dogs and belong to a breed club. Other registries just don't stand for the years of dedication in promoting purebred dog activities (conformation shows, herding trials, agility, obedience, tracking etc) and responsible ownership and breeding practices that AKC does.
It is true that most hobby breeders do not always have puppies available, but this is because they believe in committing themselves to only 1-3 litters a year so that the puppies have the benefit of experienced care and full-time love. Hobby breeders do not rely on hired help to care for their dogs. Puppies are individually socialized from birth to prepare them for a brave new world of loving companion families and the show and performance rings, and are not kept in crates and store windows. Keep in mind that once past the "cute" stage, pet shops turn older puppies over to shelters and rescue groups because they are no longer marketable. A hobby breeder keeps the puppies until they are sold or placed, regardless of age.
Please do your homework before purchasing any puppy. 



The only thing I have ever noted on any Cardigan breeder web site about ears is how to tape them.  I feel there is a good bit of information that needs to be understood and why we may or may not have to tape Cardigan ears.  First of all there is NO SET 'rule' about when ears will come up and/or stay up.  This is because there are many genetic variables.  Some pedigrees have smaller ears and some have larger ears.  Some ears have thinner ear leather, some have thicker ear leather.  Some pedigrees have ears that start out smaller and grow with the dog.  Some pedigrees have ears that start out larger and the dog grows into them.  And some in between.

 Our breed standard says: " Ears large and prominent in proportion to size of dog.  Slightly rounded at the tip and good strong leather. ..... Small and/or pointed ears are serious faults. .... "

So, ask your breeder what to expect.  My pedigrees generally have very large ears and thick ear leather, which is desirable to our breed characteristics.  Therefore there is likely a good bit of ear taping that will be needed for a puppy from Cornerstone. I always tape ears starting at 8 to 9 weeks of age and show the new family the taping procedure before the puppy goes home with them.  I also include written instructions that has drawings.  The tape should stay on for one week at a time if it does not get wet,dirty, is irritating or torn.  Once removed,if the ears stay up, no tape is needed.  BUT whenever an ear falls/droops do NOT wait and get tape back on the ear right away.  You do not want the ear cartilage to bend/break.  A daily dose of 500 mg.s of Vitamin C helps as well as Sure Grow in tougher cases.  Sure grow can simply be ordered on line for about $10/100ct. bottle.  An average for taping ears is between one taping to 6 taping sessions.  Be prepared.  And the instructions are for 3-M masking tape that is 1 and 1/2 inch wide.  It sticks the best yet takes a minimal amount of ear hair with it when removed.  No worries, hair grows back.


Going UP is no problem. Down is the issue and caution. Their long low bodies make it 'different' to navigate and they must learn. Stairs are fine to go DOWN after learning to navigate and AFTER**** 12 months of age. This is because their grow plates close later than normal boned dogs. A growth plate injury would be easier to happen before it closes and could cause extreme damage and arthritis later.